About Us

Expertise Global Consulting Ltd (EGCL) is a public finance management advisory services firm focused on improving public service delivery by researching on, advising and disseminating information to governments and government stakeholders, international agencies, the private sector and the public at large. We have worked with various national, local governments and agencies in Denmark, Kenya, Senegal, Swaziland, Switzerland and Tanzania amongst others on various public finance management projects and fiscal decentralisation programmes.

What we do

Through focus on fiscal decentralisation, public finance management, we aim to assist our clients streamline their processes and projects for optimal performance and enhance accountability and transparency. At EGCL, we undertake entity specific analysis by working side-by-side with our clients, identifying the issues and providing context specific recommendations. We also create and disseminate knowledge, based on our own internal research and analyses, that we feel will enhance the ability of our clients and the public to actively engage in the enhanced provision of public services.

Our Mission

EGCL’s purpose is to improve public service delivery by generating high quality, easily communicable, timely analyses on public finance management and fiscal decentralisation strategy. 

Our Vision

To be a dynamic thought leader and the advisor of choice on public finance management and fiscal decentralisation matters. Being a dynamic thought leader means working to help governments achieve their best outcome for public service delivery within their contexts. Being an advisor of choice means working with a level of excellence that is inspirational to our clients. 

Our Values

We are founded on high standards of honesty.  

High quality
We take pride in the quality of service we provide to our clients.  

We strive to be a reliable partner.  

We deliver within the set project time-frames.  

We are easily accessible and ensure our clients are well briefed. 

Meet our team

The board, management and staff at our company have diverse skills and experiences which integrate to offer our clients the best possible services. Our team at Expertise is highly competent in and dedicated to enhanced public finance management. Working alongside clients, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Through passion and teamwork, they focus on delivering effective and bold solutions. 

The Board

Angela Kabiru
Board Chair

Angela Kabiru is an independent consultant with 20+ years of local, regional and international experience providing policy advise, formulating and leading teams on programmes on decentralisation and local governance reform, public institutional strengthening and technical capacity development, urban management and development, local economic development, employment creation, skills and enterprise development for inclusive social and economic development and recovery.

She has worked for various local and international organizations like United Nations as Program Manager for UN Joint Program Local Government and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somalia where she provided strategic leadership to a team of international technical experts and national programme staff to implement ILO’s components to build the capacity of nascent local district governments to perform their decentralized functions with focus on core public expenditure management functions of planning, budgeting, budget implementation and service delivery with focus on infrastructure and public works, natural resource management and local economic development functions.

She holds a Masters of Science from Western University, an MBA from Edinburg Business School – Heriot Watt University and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from University of Nairobi. Angela is a champion for Local Governance, Decentralisation, Public Sector Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development, and Decent Work for social change and economic growth.

Martha Cheruto
Board Member

Martha Cheruto is a Business Leader and Engineer specialized in public policy, private sector development, sustainability, energy, climate change and green growth with over 13 years’ experience contributing to the overall growth strategy of organizations in both public and private sectors, locally and internationally.

She prides competence in leadership, strategy planning, projects & programs development and management, organizational development, business advocacy and resource mobilization. She is also an accomplished advisor and leader in improving businesses’ global competitiveness, corporate communications, promoting private sector investments and exports, public-private partnership, government relations and multi-stakeholder management.

She has previously worked for Kenya Power and Lighting Company as Head, Industry and SME Liaison, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Kenya Private Sector Alliance and currently she is a Director at National Environmental Complaints Committee, Kenya.

Martha holds a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD Management and Leadership for The Management University of Africa, Masters in Management and Leadership, Management University of Africa and Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from JKUAT. She also attended trainings on Renewable Energy in Sweden and India, as well as other executive courses at Strathmore University.

A jovial mother, she is a firm believer in continuous improvement and a champion for women empowerment, increasing girls’ participation in STEM field and promoting Alternative Rites of Passage programs in communities that practice Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Kamotho Waiganjo
Board Member

Kamotho Waiganjo is a Kenyan-lawyer with a long-standing expertise and contribution to the legal and public finance sectors. He has served in the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) and as a consultant in public finance. While at CIC, Waiganjo played a crucial role in driving constitutional reforms and ensuring the effective implementation of Constitution of Kenya.

Waiganjo has established himself as a reputable consultant in public finance. He has advised a number of organizations including the Council of Governors, on devolution matters, Through his consultancy work, he has contributed to the development and improvement of public finance systems, fostering transparency and accountability.

With his multifaceted background, Kamotho Waiganjo continues to make an impact by combining his legal expertise with his understanding of public finance, ensuring a balanced approach in his professional endeavors. His commitment to legal reform and public financial management has solidified his reputation as a well-rounded professional dedicated to promoting justice and accountability in Kenya.

Eric Latiff
Board Member

Karanja’s main strengths are in Marketing and Administration. He is experienced in Digital Marketing, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Customer Service and has excellent writing and editing skills. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business Administration – Marketing concentration from United Stated International University – Africa.

The team

Wangari Muikia

Wangari has worked in senior positions for, amongst others, the National Treasury in Kenya, The World Bank in Washington DC, and Dalberg Global Advisors in New York, Switzerland, Tanzania and Kenya. She has undertaken several projects for USAID, DANIDA, DFID and the Global Fund and advised on several other government projects. Wangari has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.

Ruth Wakesho
Office Coordinator

With a background in the hospitality industry and a Diploma in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management, Ruth has experience in Administration and office coordination, Personnel Management, Client Service and Front Office Management. She is currently pursuing a Diploma course in Human Resource Management at the Kenya Institute of Management.

Karanja Kebuchi
Marketing & Public Relations

Karanja’s main strengths are in Marketing and Administration. He is experienced in Digital Marketing, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Customer Service and has excellent writing and editing skills. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business Administration – Marketing concentration from United Stated International University – Africa.

Patrick Chege
Associate Consultant

Patrick’s strength is in macro-fiscal and management analysis including monitoring of fiscal discipline and public expenditure management, financial reporting, budget analysis, and tracking of key indicators at the sub-national level in support of the progress towards reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University School of Economics and Business, and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Strathmore University Business School.

Rachel Kimani
Associate Consultant

Rachel is a driven Public Finance professional with extensive experience in public finance management including budgeting, financial accounting and reporting, research and analysis, and planning. Her experience includes budgetary reporting, expenditure management and financial modelling aimed towards technically strong yet politically supported outcomes for the country. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from United States International University – Africa.

Denis Muthuri
Associate Consultant

Denis has extensive experience in public finance management, accounting, revenue, budgeting, research and analysis. His work is oriented towards economic national and sub-national development. He holds a Master of Science degree in Finance from Jomo Kenyatta University and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Nairobi.