Who we are

Expertise Global Consulting is a public finance management advisory services firm focused on improving public service delivery by researching on, advising and disseminating information to governments, local governments, government agencies, nongovernmental organisations including international agencies, the private sector and the public at large.

Who we serve


Advisory support for governance and public finance agencies.

Development Partners

Development of County partnership frameworks.

Private Sector

Development of County partnership frameworks.

What we do

Through focus on fiscal decentralisation, public finance management and Own Source Revenue (OSR) enhancement, we aim to assist our clients streamline their processes and projects for optimal performance and enhance accountability and transparency.

We undertake entity specific analysis by working side-by-side with our clients, identifying the issues and providing context specific recommendations. We also create and disseminate knowledge, based on our own internal research and analyses, that we feel will enhance the ability of our clients and the public to actively engage in the enhanced provision of public services.

Case studies

Strengthening County Revenue Management in Kenya:
Stocktaking Exercise

Stocktaking Exercise is a report that details the findings from the stocktaking activity and identifies key area for support. The report was informed by the need for counties to strengthen their own revenue mobilisation and management as a key part of the Government of Kenya’s devolution agenda as specified in the Kenyan constitution.

The World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) facilitated technical assistance and capacity support to the Government of Kenya for the transition to devolved government. As part of this initiative, the bank task team carried out a quick stocktaking of the ongoing initiatives by the Government of Kenya at both levels – national and county – and by development partners, to strengthen county revenue management as well as gauge the needs and expectations of a sample of counties regarding the areas that they would like to receive support.




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